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Boat & Yacht Safety

AIG Private Client Group is continually striving to provide our yacht policyholders with an array of useful information. We aim to enhance your yacht experience and help you enjoy your time on the water, while also providing advice on how best to protect yourself, your family and yacht in the case of an emergency.

Boating Safety Best Practices

Safe boating practices should begin before you even launch your vessel. Here are some pointers to assist with anticipating and preparing for unforeseen circumstances. „

Best Practices for Towing Tenders

With the proper care, caution and preparation, the risk resulting from towing a tender can be reduced. Here are some tips on what you need to consider.

Hurricane Preparedness for Yacht Owners and Captains

A well-thought-out storm plan defines what you need to do in advance of hurricane season, when a storm is forecasted to hit your area and after it has passed. Here are more details to help you ensure that your plan is truly all encompassing. „

Post Accident Guide for Yacht Owners and Captains

With this guide you can plan ahead and effectively manage action steps if you are involved in an accident or have an injury onboard.

Tips for a Safe Aerial Evacuation

If a Coast Guard helicopter is required for an at-sea evacuation, it is essential to follow protocol to ensure the safety of everyone involved. These tips are intended to help you know what to expect and better prepare.

How to Prepare If You Need to Abandon Ship

Know how to effectively use new technologies and safety techniques should circumstances require you to abandon your yacht.

Electric Shock Drowning

Understand the risks that can arise for swimmers in fresh water if electrical equipment has not been properly installed or maintained.

Yacht Crew Management Best Practices

Choosing the right crew is critical to being able to safely enjoy your yacht. Learn how to hire the best candidates and offer them a safe and professional work environment.

Advice for Protecting Fine Arts Kept on Yachts

The keeping of your collection on-board your yacht presents a unique set of challenges. We’ve compiled the following recommendations to assist you in lessening accidents and other preventable losses.

Fire Prevention and Fighting Small Shipboard Fires

One of the most common reasons for needing to abandon ship is fire. Fire prevention, proper equipment, training and drills are extremely important when it comes to avoiding and fighting shipboard fires. Here is some information to help you be ready in the event of a fire.

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